Self –Encouragement is the Greatest Encouragement’’


            Good afternoon great people of mind and welcome to another episode of preshavtadak. It’s another beautiful Saturday again except for the cold weather down in my part of the country. I can’t wait for summer to approach and I know a quiet number of people can’t wait too. A lot of people have gotten their travel ticket for this year’s summer, to show you that people are anxiously waiting for summer to kick off. It will be a fun filled summer for me because I am going to Zimbabwe for the very first time (yip yip yip) to see a very dear friend of mine and also explore the dividend of the country. I know a quiet number of people love summer period like me. It’s usually a period a lot of people tend to change/ update their war-drop and take enough holidays to rest from work. Please, don’t forget to get something for your home girl while coming back from summer hols (laugh). How has the week been? Trust it has been fabulous! Permit me to wish each and every one of you a Happy & Productive New Month in this June!!! We thank the good Lord who spared our lives in the past month and brought us into this new month.
I am here again to discuss something important in our daily life which is Self –Encouragement. Do you believe that self-encouragement is the greatest encouragement anybody can give to himself /herself? Yes, that’s true! It is so because it is the encouragement that comes from within. A clean kind of encouragement that is not contaminated with anything, unlike when some people encourage you but it’s just for their own fulfillment. When you encourage yourself on a particular thing you are handling despite all odd you are passing through, keeps the spirit hot/vibrant and moving. There are times when you must believe in yourself, thus you must give yourself a pass mark despite your failures!
There have been incidences when people encourage themselves and the outcome is always positive. A glaring example is in the life story of preshavtadak . Sometimes when things go wrong and it looks like all hope is lost, despite what friends say to me, it still keep my spirit low, but once I take to encourage myself and move forward to try another strategy, I see myself strong, back to life and ready to take another step. You see, I always encourage myself, I prophecy to myself and never stop praying for myself. Each time I try out these things despite whatever challenge I am facing, I lighten up.
Develop the habit of speaking great things concerning your destiny! Be your own biggest fan! Have it at the back of your mind that you are your biggest breakthrough key and you are also your biggest breakdown key!
Zig Ziglag said ‘’ you can’t consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.’’
Don’t look down on yourself! Always credit yourself! Stay positive despite all odds/ failures and hindrances! Change how you see yourself! Change what you say about yourself because we are our actions, they define us.
Sir Edmund Hillary once said ‘’it’s not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves.’’  Try as much as you can to remain focus to your goals, vision and mission despite the countless failures you have experienced. Forgive yourself! Encourage yourself, praise yourself and don’t forget self-encouragement is the greatest of all encouragement!

It’s all I have to drop for the world today and till next time when I come your way, do have a productive and proficient weekend. If you need help in making some decisions and need a psychologist, I am readily available for online or face to face counseling, so mail us via to book. Visit our Facebook page Presh Avtadak Inspires, blog -  and follow my twitter handle @presh_avtadak
Shun Violence & Embrace Peace!!!!


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