What a Heart!!!!!!

Hey people, I will start today by thanking those that took time to send in mails over the weeks, inquiring why we have not been posting for the past few weeks. We really appreciate it and we promise never to be off again. We are always here to help you overcome one dark edge or the other. As i usually say, positive change begins with you and I so much believe in your capacity to make that change. The past weeks have been so hectic for me and I really enjoyed it because I did a lot of reconciliation which is usually one of my hobbies. Permit me to add for our new listeners and readers of our blog www.preshavtadak.blogspot.com  who does not know that am a Peace Practioner, a Psychologist, a Mediator and Reconcilator, who believes in the essence of peace in the society.
Once again welcome to today’s blog drop. We will look into some
issues like our attitude towards other people that are not related to us or most times related to us.

The usual lasgidi hustling and bustling is always the same no matter what and which part of the town you find yourself. Trying to board a bus to festac town from satalite town is a hectic task at this point in time considering the fact that the day is far gone and so many people are trying to achieve their target goal before the day runs out. As I managed to get to second gate festac side was a gigantic step because I almost gave up going out when I got to mile two express. I took a deep breath, wiped, my forehead with the back of my hand and started crossing over the other side of the road where I can get twenty –three road bus to my training school. Casting my mind back on how I parked my bag before leaving from the house that day, I started wondering if I took my assignment with me and wondering what excuse to give to my teacher on why I didn’t come with it.
Two days ago, I was wondering what a beautiful gift to send to my mother considering the fact that it’s been up to four months that I sent her some gifts and which is quiet unusual of me. Mothers are unique and once a lady becomes a mother the natural bond that exists between her and her off spring is magical no matter what. This is the reason why you find some mothers crying for their prodigal son/daughter that has been convicted despite the criminal offence the child partook in. Mothers are supreme, their positive impact in the society cannot be over emphasized but that does not mean that there are no women that are not worthy to be addressed as MOTHERS. ‘’Are you surprise?’’  You need not be because this episode of ‘Preshavtadak inspire’ will clear your view on that. Yes, there are women that are devil incarnate!
At precisely 2:55 pm Nigerian time - more passengers heading to twenty-three road keep on gathering at the bus stop yet most buses that pass tend to be full and at this point I started considering taking the motorcycle popularly known as Okada in my own part of the planet. ‘’ Oh…….. I almost spent one hour here’’ a lady uttered from the crowd.
Minutes later I was lost in my thought but jerked off by the sound of a handset. R..i..n..g R..i..n..g…. the lady beside me took her call, ‘’I have no details of how long I have spent, but I must hurry to my work place at this point. I was told that everyone aboard would need immediate treatment to prevent an outbreak.’’ There was a brief hesitation before she answered again. ‘’yes, she was. How bad I don’t know. I‘ll explain later’’ she told who she was conversing with. She replaced the handset, with a flurry of conflicting worries cascading through her head.
In fifteen minutes an empty bus finally came out, loaded the number of people It can take, awwwhhhww am sitting in the windowless side of this bus which gives me ample opportunity to have a better feel of the air even if we are going to face terrific traffic. This is usually a 10 minutes’ drive with a private car but with a public car ****smiles*** its quiet different as a result of different bus top the passengers are going to drop at , more so Festac Town are known to have numerous bus top, so that entails taking longer time.
            As the bus driver progresses and passenger drops at their different bus stops. ‘’So far no traffic encounter.’’, I muttered to myself and turned my view to the right side of the road, she beamed a smile and replied ‘’I am praying fervently for us not to face any traffic because am rushing to save lives.’’ ‘’Ohhhhhhhhhh…..all the best.’’ I responded wondering if it was a good reply because I was lost in my thought. Dropping and picking of passengers which Festac Town bus are usually known for is not an exception to this bus. As the bus conductor signal to the driver for a park after picking a passenger not quite 60 seconds ago it stopped. The driver parked as usual, conductor dropped, l expected a passenger to hop into the bus but I didn’t see, as I turned my back to see where the conductor is, what he was doing and why he asked the bus driver to stop; filled with anger to lambast him on why he decided to stop the bus when no passenger was coming. Alas see the picture; he was holding two little kids trying to cross them to the other side of the road. As he crossed the kids, the two turned, waved at him and muttered what I guess is thank you… Immediately I saw this, it gladdens my heart; I beamed a warm smile and said to myself What a Heart. Within me I thought this thrilled all the passengers too, unfortunately am wrong as a being created by God in a woman’s image started making troubles in the bus rendering abusive words on the conductor and driver.
‘’Madam take it easy’’ a passenger uttered. ‘’Why should I take it easy? Why will he keep me here and start crossing those kids? For what?’’.  All were surprise by what she was uttering. An act that didn’t take up to ten minutes of her precious time is what she is here making a hell of fuse about. ‘’you think you can stop this bus at your will and do what you like abi?  Ok come and let me pay you, nonsense’’ she said.  At this point, the bus conductor responded, ‘’you go pay me my money good or bad.’’
You are mad. Did I send you to go cross those kids? Good Samaritan! Are you their mother? Since their mother left them out, then anything she sees it’s her own, by the way it won’t be anything less than a car hitting them or human traffickers getting hold of them. Guess you will ask their mother to pay you my fair for doing so’’. The evil woman said.
What!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This hit everyone in the bus and everywhere became hot. There were heated arguments in the bus. People were calling her wicked woman, witch and all that. Wheeeeww I couldn’t pick all the utterance from people, but I bet you, people finished her and the driver couldn’t take it any longer, so he parked the car and demand she drop down from the bus and all passengers supported him and the howled at her as she drops.
In my thought I started wondering what kind of woman she is. What kind of woman will take offence with a little help given to small kids? Is this someone’s mother or perhaps she has no issue.  
Yeah, am talking to you now. What kind of woman are you? Is it the kind of woman that is self-centered that only bothers herself with issues that concerns her life, (kids, husband and job). Some women are devil incarnates and act like their father the devil. So wicked that I begin to ask is this really a woman. Women are created to be soft at heart. Why is this one acting like an incarnate of the devil? Are you the kind of woman that usually maltreats the domestic staffs that lives with you? You need to change because you know not tomorrow. How sure are you that you won’t die tomorrow? What becomes of the so precious kids you have that never gets canned when the act stupid or that are always right when issues arise between them and your small domestic staffs.
Hey, listen you need to change and change for good. Don’t be wicked and stop being wicked. It pays us nothing to be wicked rather an aftermath pains, hatred and bad luck. Our attitude to people that are not our kids, wife, husband relatives should be pleasant and not wicked. Wickedness pays nothing ooooo. Put a stop to that wicked attitude of yours and take a bold step to change. Have some sense of feelings for other people not related to you. Stop giving your maid that soured food in your house. Stop giving him/her rags to wear in the name of cloth. Stop caning him/her anytime she erred forgetting the road to where cane is when your kids act stupid (Most times advice works better than cane). Stop giving him/her wicked punishment like using tongue to lick the floor, picking pin, kneeling and carrying heavy load on the head or starving them all in the name of punishment. Don’t deny them education even where there is free education.  Don’t forget that this may lead to conflict between you and the child/ fellow in question thereby causing an unhealthy relationship for the society. The child you deprived of education might lead to drop out and increase the high rate of drop out in the society which consequentially has its own effect to the society.  I beg of you, please put a stop to this callous act of yours women, God didn’t create us to be wicked at heart. Change! Change! Change!
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