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‎Hi Lovelies! How we dey parol? What were you guys up to over the weekend ? Trust there was enough turn up....Let's  hear o, please don't keep your enjoyment to yourself alone biko because there is love in sharing.

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My weekend was a great one because I got to know about some great stuff on #PowerSector during the sixth edition of Sustainable Conversations on Saturday at four point by Sheraton hosted by Thistles Praxis Consulting in partnership with Etisalat Naija. 

My Friday evening was a playful one with my girls as the devoured me with their play play skills.  ‎Omo, those girls can play and they are so full of energy. They don't get tired! Ever ready for #alldayeveryday play from Aunty Precious. For where?  Me Ke....? They don't know Aunty do not have as much energy like they do. Ok, enough of my girls for now because i can talk about them without lacking what to say.

My Saturday was ‎fantastic! I was actually looking forward to the day right from when I got the invitation  to attend Sustainable Conversations powered by Thistle Praxis and Etisalat Nigeria.  

This event gingered me to blog about renewable energy and how we can cure our power sector from the poverty of deficiency. 

Renewable Energies ;Power for All should be taken seriously by everyone considering the advantages we stand to gain after solving our power challenge in Nigeria.

Nigeria will need almost 200,000 MW in 2030 (as calculated by the Energy Commission of Nigeria). 
Now, the question is, where will this electricity come from?  My people, beside the gas,  our country will need solar , wind, hydro and biomass to generate enough power. 

More than 80 percent of Nigerians household do not have access to electricity from the national grid (NERC). 

Now lets ask, what is the grid expansion plan state by state, LGA by LGA and year by year?

This is where Importance of Renewable Energy comes in . Using renewable energy sources , communities can build their own mini grids in a space of three-twelve months. From all indications , I would join in pointing that future of electricity in Nigeria is off grid and many Nigerian communities have the resources (sun,wind, water or waste) they need to become energy independent.

Why I advocate for Renewable Energy:

Its become affordable as its been confirmed that prices of solar equipment have fallen by 80%. For instance, according to UNIDO, a community of about 2,250 people needs to invest N200m to get 150W installation and such turbine would run for the next 50 years.

Renewable creates jobs as the job prospects are limitless. 

This discussion which focused on 'Why we still have  power supply deficiency got these reactions from discussants who are stakeholders from different power generating institution in Lagos State.
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Firstly, failure of government to build infrastructure as the population increases in size and number. Corruption is another great challenge and we become part of the corrupt people by failing to report those engaging in corruption. Lack of transparency and lack of maintenance of infrastructure is another reason why we are lagging behind in having a stable power supply. 

In all of these, what are the solution to moving Nigeria forward - 

(a) Tackling the low hanging foot at the different regulation body and consumers side as well. 

(b) Communicating at all level rather than keeping silent over some inquires by another stakeholders institution different from yours. 

(c) Enlightening the consumers on progress stages and roles to play 

 (d) Tackling issue of renewable i s paramount. 

(e) Resolving issue on transmission aspect. 

(f) Holding each of us accountable to play our part in overcoming this nightmare. 

At the end of the discussion, I made a commitment which was motivated by Mrs Inuok to work on information sharing in our power sector , thus am starting with this present one and will always tweet at people 6am of every morning reminding people to constantly put off the light in their homes, as it helps in supporting renewable energy and power conservation.

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