#PeaceMealWithPrecious Participates in #WorldPopulationDay Sensitization

Today is ‪#‎WorldPopulationDay‬ & the theme focuses on "Vulnerable populations in emergencies highlighting the needs of women and adolescent girls during conflicts and humanitarian disasters".

Out of 80 million people who were in need of humanitarian assistance in 2014, over 75 % were women and children...Guess that gives you some thought...

It's no longer news that humanitarian crises affect women & girls the most & as such their health, education, well-being & protection needs cannot be overlooked..
Hold a bit, let me tell you more..

Girls & women in crises face greater risk of abuse, sex exploitation, violence, forced marriage, reproductive health-related illnesses etc.

Another strong point worthy of note is that 40% of the 1.4 billion people living in countries impacted by crises are under the age of 15 ...

Dear friends, join ‪#‎PMWPTV‬ as it’s our responsibility to empower & safeguard the well-being of women, girls, & youth & address their specific needs & concerns.

Let's begin by maintaining a peaceful coexistence thereby reducing incidences of conflicts in our communities.

Do have a great weekend!


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