Where is your Intergrity!!!!!

After a stressful Community Peace Outreach yesterday, I ended up in a close friend's house who happened to be hosting three other friends and I for the weekend. Waking up this morning so late by the cry of Omosefe who happened to be my friends little sweet daughter,  with no intention of going out for the weekend because I need to rest from the stressful week I had. We settled down to do some girls gist after doing some house chores and so many things unraveled as the discussion was going on which spurred me to share this thought with  all Ladies within my reach.

        Denza cried profusely as she walked out of from one of the offices @ Calpre Group of Company not looking too bright in that hot afternoon. As she head to the exit door of the building , her cell phone rang "Hello" , she answered.  "Did you succeed ?"a female voice uttered at the other end of the line, she slammed the phone and continued walking to the outer exit.


"Denza I have told you to use what you have to get what you want . Stop all this Spiro character of yours because it can't fetch you a job. You are a very beautiful girl that get so many advances from men, so why not loosen up a bit and get that job" Brook shouted . Denza seated on the green leather sofa looking so much lost in thought changed her sitting position and still kept quiet. "See sweetheart, I want to teach you how to seduce these men , hold them ransom and at the end you get yourself a good job, house, car, name it" Brook beckoned . "OK , how do we go about it ?" Denza said.

I don't know where most of our girls got this idea from: that once they can bring their bodies to the negotiating table, then that's the best they can offer. What silly trend is this ?  Later on they still turn around to complain that men treat them like piece of furniture or sex object. Just tell me  one good reason why won't they? Please do not always flaunt your body and use it as a bait to get a man because you want something. Be confident, have a high self esteem, value yourself, be diligent, productive, and make positive contributions to the man's life. Our men are tired of marrying girls simply because they are beautiful, they want to marry girls that can hold forth, girls that can fill the gap when they are not there, girls that have Integrity.

Endeavor to make yourself that GIRL that he cannot do without, not only because of your expertise in bed/how beautiful you are but because of WHO you are on the inside and Outside...That is
the GIRL you must be!!!! That is the GIRL my MUM thought me (Precious) to be and I know your mum thought ‎​you that too!!! Until next time when I come your way, keep on keeping a date with us here @ Presh Avta Dak.  Do have a Super Weekend!!!
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