She met the Real Man Today!!!! Whoops!!!!!!

Good day friends! How have you all been doing? Trust you are having a great day. I am here again to discuss another vital issue that we all should look into together. Men are so many in our society but you will quiet agree with me that REAL MEN are few in our society, on that note we will try to find out who/ what a Real Man should look like.
To get a wider view from the general public, i took to the street this beautiful Saturday to seek people’s opinion on their view of a Real Man and this is what they have to say.
Presh Avtadak Inspires – Hello dear! How is the weekend going?
Gekky_Gosh- Good afternoon sweet! So nice to see you again! The weekend is great! Trust you are having a great one too…
Presh Avtadak Inspires- Same here!! I  would love you to share with us who a Real Man should be?
Gekky_Gosh- Hmmmm a real man is that man that is REAL. By this I mean who
is original (he does not fake or try to claim what he is not), a man who does not pretend, who is not proud despite how buoyant he is. He takes to his responsibility without shying away from it as most men do. He is responsible and doesn't flirt around because he respects the feeling of his partner. I don't mean that he will not be tempted but he always gets hold of himself before he falls out of whom and what he really is.
Presh Avtadak Inspires -Thank you for such a handful view of yours!
Gekky_Gosh- you are welcome and well done for the good job you are doing!
Presh Avtadak Inspires -Awwwhhh, Gracia !!!

I didn’t just stop there, I further chatted with some other people to get their opinion of a real man.
And below are what other responders has to say!

Presh Avtadak Inspires- Greetings Madam!
Omosline - Hello lady!
Presh Avtadak Inspires Please can you tell us ‘Who you can address as a Real Man?’
Omoslin - Mmmm, I see a real man as one who fears God and who is discipline. He is that man who loves and cares for his family no matter what the situation at hand may be. This class of man acts as if he's a fool (while he is not), but knows what he is doing because his actions speaks for him.
Presh Avtadak Inspires -Thanks a lot for your contributio
n to Presh Avtadak Show! Do have a fabulous day!!
Omosline - You are welcome and you too!!

Presh Avtadak Inspires -Hello Diva, happy weekend!
Uju- Hiya dear, so nice to meet again! How have
‎​you been?
Presh Avtadak Inspires- Fabulous as usual! Trust you are doing great too!  Could
‎​you give us an insight of who a Real Man is!
Uju - Hmmmmmmmmmmm
 ‎​my dear for me, a Real Man is that man who will always strive to stand tall against all odds, hardworking and who also knows that women are meant to be protected and respected ! He must be God fearing and out spoken.
Presh Avtadak Inspires - Thanks a lot for sharing with us!
Uju- Anytime, Anyday!!!
It wasn’t like I asked only the women to let us into their world of whom a Real Man should be, the men themselves were also chatted with so as to get their view and most of them has the same opinion as the ladies.
Below are their view…….

Presh Avtadak Inspires - Good Day gentleman. ! Can
‎​you let us into your view of a Real Man?
Loyaltyboy- He is that man who treats women with respect despite
the age gap. A man who understands that greater happiness lies in helping others, thereby helping the general populace. A man who doesn’t stand still while the world passes him by, he continually pushes himself (hard working).
Furthermore, he must be hardworking, caring and God fearing.
Presh Avtadak Inspires -Thank you for letting us into your world!
Loyalty boy- you are welcome!

Presh_Avtadak Inspires-Hello!
Kenny- Hi
Presh_Avtadak Inspires- Could you share with us on who a Real Man should be?
Kenny- When one is address to be a Real Man, he is that man who respect his lady (wife/girlfriend) ,cares for her and is ready to be there for his family. He must be a man, who is ready to take risk, be creative and hard working in his chosen career. Above all, he must be God-fearing and issues of his family should be his utmost concern.
Presh Avtadak Inspires - Thank you!
Kenny- Anytime !!

Presh Avtadak Inspires- Good Afternoon Sir!
Lanre Awesu- Afternoon lady!
Presh Avtadak Inspires- We will like to know your view of a Real Man
Lanre Awesu- I see a Real Man as that man who is totally against Domestic Violence, so he does not raise his hands to hit is wife, girlfriend, sister or any other woman. He is that man who cares and loves his family; to the extent of assisting his wife with some house chores when she is down, not minding that most men see house chores as women affairs alone. Furthermore, he is that kind of man who always defends his wife from worrisome in laws & others. He put his family first in everything he does & you are not a real man if u are not married because once u are married you become more responsible.
Presh Avtadak Inspires - Awwwhhh, that was quiet a handful sir! Thanks for letting us into your idea of a real man.

Finally, minutes before I posted this for public view on my blog I logged into my Facebook page to network as I usually do most times, my eyes just got this as my page was accessed.
Tony Blaze: Being a Real Man doesn't mean you sleep with 100 girls. It means that you fight for one girl and stand by her even when 99 others are chasing you.

                  @@@@@@ Back from the streets @@@@@@
Time for me to say my mind, though some think they can read my mind, yeah I mean YOU (winkies)….Trust ‎​you heard what our different responder has to say on who a Real Man should be both to his family and to the general public. Do you have the attributes of that real man in you? Don't you think it’s worth being that Real Man to your wife, kids, girlfriend, entire family and the general public? Your family wellbeing should be your utmost concern and raising your hands on your woman should be the last on your mind as some use such attitude to measure /classify themselves as a Real Man.
It’s usually a dream of every lady to find that perfect man that will always have her time no matter what he is passing through. A real man is hard to find these days. So many claim to be but when you’re not around them you see them still checking on other chicks, lying to you and doing all around sneaky shady stuff then say" Trust Me". But one thing for sure is that a REAL MAN does none of that. A Real Man is that man who respect the relationship he is in and when he is with you he is 100% with you, despite the temptations he encounter from women. He is not that guy that is always stalking every other chick on Facebook, twitter, blackberry or any other social networking site.

P-Dak Advice to Ladies: You can be happy with anyone when the cash is flowing and the sex is good, but for lasting love & who a real man is, Ask yourself: Who or what kind of man would you want to be in the trenches with? Who do you want to go through tribulations with? How does he hold up under pressure? Is he able to plan his way out of a set-back? Is he the type that beats you up when he is facing challenges in life? Is he the type that puts his family at the fore front of anything he does? Is he the type that considers laying his fingers not to talk of a hand on a woman as an abomination? Is he the type that respects the relationship/marriage he is into? Answering that could make all the difference in who you consider for a potential life-long mate and that should be who a Real Man should be.
It’s that time to love and leave you today again due to time constraint. I am sorry if I didn’t treat the aspect you would have loved to hear today but always feel free to drop your comment/s and what you want us to look into. Thank you and God bless, until next week when I come your way keep your heads straight and stay positive.
Much love P-Dak


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