Yekini’s lawyer in dilemma over Estate

Rashidi Yekini

Two months after the death of former Super Eagles striker, Rashidi Yekini, his lawyer Mohammed Jibril admits he is still in a dilemma over sorting the deceased’s estate.
Mohammed told newsmen in Ibadan on Wednesday that the mysterious circumstances that led to Yekini’s death was making it difficult for the family to obtain necessary documents that would enable them to have access to the assets the footballer left behind.
“We are in a dilemma now, because there is nowhere to obtain a death certificate for Yekini, and without that, I as his lawyer who has knowledge of all that he left behind, cannot take any action,” Jibril said.
“The actual manner in which Yekini died still needs to be unravelled if we are to get a solution to this situation. Moreover I owe my late client the duty to execute his will according to his wish.
“I do not wish to cause further pains or disharmony in the family of my client by instituting legal action against them, but it was obvious from the submission of all parties that gave statements after Yekini’s death that they need to answer some questions regarding the last moment of the deceased.
“We still don’t know the actual hospital where Yekini died as it was claimed; the corona report and death certificate are yet to be obtained.”

By Agency Reporter


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