Monday Chat-Up - Lets Try Again Today

Happy New Week my lovelies! How are you doing ? I trust you had a great weekend! Dont forget, the first to comment on this post gets call card voucher from me....Whats really gwaning on your end? Am quite sure more people have gotten their voters card and can't wait for election day to support their candidates. If you haven't gotten your PVC, please endeavour to do so as a good citizen of Nigeria. Abeg no curse me, its our civic right...Beside their is power in your thumb...So stop that #Novotingmetality and get it straight.....

Yes, to the main business of the day, #MondayChatUp, we will be sharing an inspiring story from my friend Cynthia of a life incident targeted on the consistency and perseverance of a positive spirit. 
How many times have you tried to achieve something but failed despite working hard to execute whatever it was ? 

.....There seemed to be a problem with the site and it kept telling her “The connection has timed out” she kept hitting the button “try again” but still “The connection has timed out”. The boss
had given her an assignment which had to be presented the next day in a high level meeting.
Little did she know that all the employees had a similar assignment and were going through the same problem? Most of them took advantage and left for their personal affairs, while others started chatting. Others wished the site won't pick up so as to avoid overtime. The employees left 30 minutes to time since there was nothing they could do without the site. 
However she persistently kept trying and at 5 minutes to 5pm, the site connected. As she started to work on the assignment the boss appeared and told her. “You can go home; I now know what to do in the meeting”.

The next day the employees gathered as the boss arrived with six people and sat at the high table. He said, “I was the one who jammed our internet hub router such that no one could access the net, each time you pressed “try again” it could record in my office. I wanted to see who could hold on to it with patience and persistence. All of you except this lady left early and some of you hit “try again” just once. She had the highest number on “try again” and she left at 5pm regardless of the problem you all were facing”.

“I am going to the USA as a citizen with my entire family and since I will not come back I
decided to give this company to the one who can persistently work with patience and never giving up. This six people are lawyers and will witness as I transfer the company to this lady. She owns it from today and will be your new boss”.
Everyone went sober, but alas the test has been tried, the winner emerged and the decision has been made by the man!

Now listen, God has not abandoned you, he is watching as you “try again” in your life journey. He will surely answer your prayer and in a big way more than you can imagine, but don't you think, he is counting the numbers of your “try again”. 

For that job “apply again” for that failed exam “do it again” For the failed business proposal "lets start again"
Have you tried to quit alcohol/smoking, have you tried to lose weight, help others, save money, find love etc and failed,,,, Hey we can surely "try again"

Whatever, the case maybe, I implore you to please “try again today”
Until next week, when I come your way, #StayLoved #KeepLoving



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