Liam Hemsworth Fed Up Of Miley Cyrus Childish Attitude

The latest Twitter oversharer? Miss Miley Cyrus, who, if rumors are to be believed is driving fiance Liam Hemsworth further and further away with her childish, attention seeking behavior.
In a series of inane, irritating and occasionally downright offensive 140-character-or-less blows to the relationship, Miley has
hinted that their relationship has all the excitement of a wet weekend, posting on September 13th;
“Ever feel like you want just … something more. Not sure what exactly … passion perhaps?
Ouch. Just what a guy DOESN’T want to hear from his girl.
Having developed something of a reputation for induging in diva-like tantrums within the relationship, Cyrus is said to have issued her love declaration this weekend in response to yet another argument with the Australian actor;
“Why do I torture myself and what ps I love you. ahhhhhh. I have got to pull it together”.
Yes Miley, yes you do. You’re getting on our last nerve. Let alone poor Liam.
And while you’re at it – maybe buy a hat. Just till the monstrosity on your head your lovely new cut grows a little.


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