Usher Orders Tameka Foster Out Of His Mansion

Just when you thought things couldn’t get much uglier in the very public spat between former couple, Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster
The Grammy award winner, worth over $140million has demanded that his ex-wife vacate her current home; a $3million mansion owned by the singer, which he intends to put on the market.
The ongoing feud has so far involved a
bitter custody battle, following their divorce after just two years of marriage and most recently, explosive interviews with the pair; including the revelation that Usher slept with his ex-wife’s bridesmaid.
Foster has been living in a 12,000 square foot Atlanta mansion since 2009 but as per the divorce decree, her former husband can sell the property  provided he gives at least 60 days notice…
Sources suggest that Tameka was hugely pissed upset by the news , having remained financially dependent on Usher since the end of their marriage, almost three years ago and has no income of her own whatsoever.
And people have the nerve to call this freeloader lady a gold-digger?!


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