Monday Chat-Up - Contentment

Hello Lovelies! How are you all doing? Trust you all had a great weekend, just like I did with family! Hehehehehe TGIF is over and so many of us are wearing a long face mask because here comes Mr or Miss Monday  ! Abeg which of the sex should we use for it ? Male or Female? LOL!!
Weekend is like Christmas for some people and as such so many people always look forward to Fridays because of it's full packaged time for Ngwori ....

For the benefit of my friends who do not understand the meaning of Ngwori. LOL.. It's an Igbo word , precisely Owerri slogan which means the act of having fun and enjoyment.... 
Yes I am a Proud Imolite for my friends who are not aware! If you are not from Imo, then you are missing....LOL...

I had a great weekend, though it was a bit quite sha! Yes, I have been having a quite weekend for some weeks now and yo will agree with me that some days are better left quiet.

 On Friday, I had an early hours hookup with a friend, who recently opened a social enterprise centered on children! I was so excited as we have not seen in a while and we have some issues to catch up on! Girls talk is always sweet ... I love the drive she has in her! People like Utibe Duke are inspirational ! Her office is so beautiful and did I tell you, my friend started off with members of staff which makes her an employer of labour as I gist you and at the same time contributing to solving the issue of unemployment which we face as a country.

Another striking way of life worthy of emulation is that she address her staff as her colleagues thereby giving them a sense of belonging . How many bosses can do such and practice it? Abeg lets leave that talk for another day! Welldone Mrs Duke!!

My write up on her wont be complete without saying a word of prayer for her and please I need a resounding Amen as you read this prayer... A prayer for my friend - I thank God for leading you to this point  and may his mighty hands be upon Morgan Hill Children's Foundation as you grow from strength to strength in the journey of contributing your quota to the national development of Nigeria In Jesus Name Amen. 
Saturday started up with the clean up which I observed but the beautiful rain supported my laziness with its awesome sleep and I enjoyed it though.

I cant talk about Sunday without mentioning how magnificent one always feel in the presence of God! In short God is AWESOME !!!! There was meriment as all October babies both young and old were celebrated in church after service. There were enough Item 6 for everyone who was present in church.... My girl Dumebi was among!!! My babe girl is turning 2 years old on 28th October!! She has grown so big!! Thankful Soul!!!
So o, after service was great family time with my girls for kid-zone with aunty Precious and off course driving 101 courtesy of my sister...

Now, you can agree with me, it was really a quite weekend .... So, how did you spend your weekend ? Did you attend any social function? Share with us lets hear!!

Great, enough of weekend gist as we focus on the business of today. I am talking about CONTENTMENT!

I see contentment as the act of having  fulfillment on whatever God blessed one with in life.
The Oxford dictionary, explained it as "A state of happiness and satisfaction".

Here is a quote i stumbled into and I so love the definition of contentment by this anonymous quoter

I see this as one putting his/her faith into action ! So, I would say, that contentment and faith walks hand in hand while considering this particular definition of contentment.

As humans, so many of us are insatiable and as a result do not appreciate God's providence towards us. Yes, we are the Oliver Twist Dbanj talked about in on of his hit tracks.
I also read that contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want but the realization of how much you already have.

It's pertinent to note that discontentment did not start surfacing from today's generation, rather it can be dated back during the era of the Children of Israel; when Moses was leading them into the promised land. 
Despite several miracles God blessed them with through his servant, Moses the man of Destiny ; they children of Israel were discontented with what they had during that period

Discontentment has caused so many people from getting more blessings from God. As a result, it pays to always be thankful over any blessing one enjoys from God.

I have come to discover that, most people that show discontentment are even people that life's journey has been sweet but at a point when they face a little discomfort or God intentionally want to test them, you see them displaying ungratefulness to their maker.

Hey, do you know that some people are passing through several hardships in life. Some of their stories are better not told considering how devastated it will make one feel. 

In the city of Lagos and some other communities majorly populated, do you know some people 's home are under the bridge.  Yet, these group of people passing through these great difficulties in life hardly display the percentage of ungratefulness or discontentment shown by theese group who has been living a rosy life. 

Let's look at it in practical/human level. When you show someone an act of kindness or you received an act of kindness from someone, there is this feeling of satisfaction you feel when the fellow you helped shows how grateful he/she is over that act of kindness . 

Take a look at a 3yr old female child who has been thought the culture of showing appreciation. Each time this child receives a gift from parent , for instance a barbie, no matter how may trucks of barbies she has but keeps getting more, they hide not their contentment and this in turn makes the parents happy.

In the journey of life, contentment is a necessary instrument for one to receive from God. So, ponder over this few questions today as you build on the reason why you should be contended with what you have in life!

Have you taken time to consider what God has done for you? 
Did you appreciate God after counting God's blessings on you?
Do you know that the gift of life is the greatest gift God daily loads you with?
Do you buy guidance and protection from God?

Are you still like the children of Israel who had free meal and yet complain?

Do you now see reasons why you should be contended with what you have after pondering over the above questions? Yes, reasons not reason because there are so many reasons out there why we should be contended.

Hey lovelies, learn to appreciate our maker (God) for everything you have instead of grumbling because God daily loads us with his benefit ! 

What is your view on contentment? Do we really have reasons to experience contentment ? How do you think one can live a contentment filled life even in the faces of difficulty? Share your thoughts, we all are learning and am so open to learning!
It's #GiveAway4Peace Monday!First two to leave a comment on the above stated issue gets to win a recharge card from me! Oya, fastest fingers, its time!!!

Best of the new week lovelies!!



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