Hi, lovelies!  How are we all doing? Trust we are enjoying the long holiday? Kai, I didn't get any Sallah meat this time around !! I really miss my IL town , where i receive countless packs of meat from my muslim friends. Its all good, no qualms in this Lagos!!!
Back to the main gist! No matter the environment or field I find myself, my first love cause which most of my friends are aware of (Peace & Conflict Resolution ) will always have a place in my heart! The love for this cause inspired me to initiate a pet project with the name "Galaxy 4 Peace" which champions peacebuilding initiatives amongst young people.  
Under G4P auspices, I execute peacebuilding programmes but my two projects which kicked off last months in honour of International Day of Peace on the 20th and 21st September 2014 tagged #SWEAT4PEACE & #PEACEMEALWITHPRECIOUS
are my latest projects.
 However, we will focus on the later on this blog post.

What is Peace Meal With Precious ? This is an intending Television Programme, presently run as a Facebook Online TV Show which was  launched on 21st September (International Day of Peace 2014) at AFRIVILLE Hub in Lagos, Nigeria. Present at the occassion were our very own Micheal Stephen (RuggedMan) who is also a United Nation Peace Ambassador, Brycee Bassey, Comrade Ayo Adewale, Olumide Idowu, Lazy Writer, my humble self (Precious Ajunwa) and Peace Lovers
I am sure so many of us will be wondering what this page is all about!! Ponder no further, as I brief you what #PMWP is all about!!

This is an innovative project aimed to mentor young people to be #Peacebuilders in their various communities. #PMWPTV Show will assign a monthly task on peacebuilding, nation building, sustainable development etc to youths which can come in form of photos, videos, audio or written context . 
Eligible and interested contestant will have a timeline frame for submission of entries and contestants with the highest number of votes, will be rewarded with the following

1) An exquisite buffet with our host #Precious
2) Mentoring on #Peacebuilding & Conflict Management Handlying Styles
3) Motivational chat
4) Chat or Date with a Nigerian Celebrity
5) Gift pack
However, the reward for winners will be flexible as we intend to bring more exciting benefits to youths who engage in this peacebuilding initiative.

October task is now On!! Check the facebook page to get details on this #IndependenceDay task!!! Looking forward to receiving your entries, as you participate in this project 
Till next time when I come your way, don't forget we need to get #PMWP trending because #iampeace #wearepeace #isupportpeace and #iamaddicted2peace
Facebook Page :  https://www.facebook.com/PeaceMealWithPrecious
Twitter Handle : @PeaceMealWithP
Instagram : @PeaceMealWithP
BBM Channel Pin : C002A2278


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