Monday Chat-Up - GOD'S SWITCH

Hey lovelies! Happy New Week!! Trust we all had a great weekend! As for me, it was a quite weekend ! Didn't attend any social gathering or even hook up with friends...However, I did one good thing for myself, and that was to replace the battery of my laptop that started sucking up lately... Sunday was amazing in his presence and it was straight back home after service... It is always fun having my little girls around...Those girls can keep one busy like...Kai..Its not easy to train kids o!! In all, cant wait for my copies...*smiles* ...Sunday night was amazing as I hooked up via chats with an amazing brother of mine from another mother...He kept me busy tillllll, this thought about Gods Switch came to my mind...I would say, he inspired me to blog about this through our discussion.

Here is a bottle and a glass of wine to you Mr Nnags **Cheers**

Its a new week, and here comes the most dreaded day of the week..Yeah MONDAY....After all the weekend jiving, most people wished it continues but alas Mr Monday, is saying "Nope".. Get back to work people....Let me head straight to my value added message before I keep going ranting about this Monday and what it does to most of us.
Yes, am talking about GODS SWITCH!! Do you know that Gods Switch are always ON? Unlike we humans who can decide to switch off our switches in life at one point or the other. 
When it comes to God, it does not matter which way you push the switch God has placed for you in life. Whether up or down its always ON and ON.

So here is the jerk, don't be scared when things are down in your life. When it seems things are not working the way it ought to be. When it seems that admission into the university, that job you have been searching for over 5 years, those contracts you keep missing at the point of breakthrough, those challenges that keep surfacing one after the other..  And above all, when it appears the whole world is crumbling down! 
Always Remember, the SWITCH is still ON !! He is Watching and will intercede at his own appointed time....

Only believe people!!!

What do you think about God's Switch? Is the write up a Yah or Nah? Please share with us in the comment column below...

Best of the New Week Lovelies!!
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  1. Absolutely true, I won't give up cos God Himself won't give up on me.

    1. Exactly Tosin! When God who we look up to is still very much interested in us, why giving up on ourselves? He is the all! So in all situations, we should keep staying strong because his SWITCH is never off.. Best of the new week!!!


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