Happy Democracy Day Naija !!!!!

                Its another Democracy Day in the history of Nigeria and this happens to be the 13th Democracy Day to celebrate in Nigeria! To some in the country there is no form of democracy judging with happenings surrounding our so called Government. 

Democracy as i was taught in my government class during those days in secondary school is a ''form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.'' The most simple definition could be said to be government by the people! 

But i laugh so hard when i look at the situation of Nigeria who is said to be practicing democratic rule of government !!!! Nigeria democratic system of government is not even close to a state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges, yet we claim to be practicing democratic system of government. 

When will our leader change ? Is it at their grave yard or on their way to hell? How long will the poor masses continue to suffer this way? Will there be a change in our government? What do we need to do to get this change? Has God forsaken us ? These are some questions that pump through my brain consistently as a concerned citizen !!! To bad some of the questions are no close to get an answers yet...

No matter what Mr. President says today on the 13th Nigeria's Democracy Day, I'll encourage all Nigerians to find happiness and a cause to celebrate today in our common identity embedded in our flag..As long as it keeps flying,there is ALWAYS hope for a better tomorrow as a concerned peaceful citizen constantly say.

We have no other place to call our Country, so lets keep on asking God to preserve the country He created & also try as human to contribute our quota in Healing Nigeria who so much believe that she is sick and all hands must be on deck to cure her. 
From all of us at Presh Avtadak Inspires , we say ''Happy Democracy Day Nigeria.''..whatever that means to you (Negative/positive)...:-). Enjoy your day Peeps!!!!


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