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Greetings to my sweet friends! Yeah this is your home girl Preshavtadak again... It’s so good to be on air this beautiful Saturday. Are you driving / sitting / lying down in the comfort zone of your home or reading on ? Seat back, relax and enjoy another juicy topic from the stables of preshavtadak today. 

On today episode, we will be looking at crazy things women do as they go in search of beauty.

I’m pretty used to being around w
omen, moreover am one and I have seen them doing weird things in the name of vanity and looking beautiful. When I heard about the feeding tube diet, I was unfazed. How can someone all in the name of maintaining a good shape decide to endanger her life by going for Feeding Tube Diet which involves spending eight days on a portable feeding tube inserted through the nose. I got the information that it supplies less than 1000 calories per day of liquid nutrition. This is unthinkable right? My dears I was dumbfounded as you, the first time I heard about it.

Sweethearts, it sounds extreme but when you think about it, women have been doing crazier things to squeeze into a dress. If you’re listening/ reading this and gasping in shock  and cringing at the thought , then imagine my horror when I first heard another crazy thing women do to get butt – They go as far as injecting chicken feeds into ones butt to enhance the region and give one that Jennifer Lopez curvature. You need not one to tell you that it backfires badly with disastrous result. Women have been doing daft things in this life seriously…..

Lately, this is no longer strange especially when it comes to women looking for beauty. I wonder what happens to rationality; guess they throw it to the wind. Our ladies go for breast augmentation/uplift, flat tommy and the rest of it now because it is the in thing in our ladies world (for some not all ladies).

Dr 90210 that airs on E online is the favorite show of most of them. Yeah, I do watch it like most addicts of the show but am not addicted to the program. Successful surgeries are usually televised on the show but ask yourself ‘Does it mean all ladies who undergo such surgeries come out successful?’ the answer is capital NO because some die on the process.

Some women want to look lighter than they are naturally. Majority of these women, in their bid to acquire lighter complexion, use substances that are harmful not just to their skin but their health generally.

Hydroquinone and steroidal creams are cheap ways of looking lighter. Don’t you know that using such products usually accompany with dangers? For those who has no knowledge about this listen. These products aid the production of free radicals in body which leads to skin cancer. In addition to that, the skin may develop tolerance for that kind of products which automatically push the fellow to search for stronger ones; the skin may now develop another thing called atrophy (that is thinning of the epidermis and pigmentation.)

It’s not funny sweethearts, this is very serious. Have you heard about Botox before? This is another rope they climb in search of beauty. BOTOX, though it is licensed for use to treat neurological conditions such as facial things and muscular spasm in the neck, back fingers and wrist. Many ladies inject Botox in order to remove wrinkles and fine lines, while some put Botox on the lips to make it fuller … (***smiles*** you guys won’t kill me women)

I was told that the procedure takes only ten minutes BUT BUT BUT, If it attacks the respiratory system or the chest muscles, it may lead to paralysis. That is not all oooo women. It can also attack the spinal cord, which may lead to numbness, weakness and swelling of the face, impairment of speech and language comprehension.

I know quite well that it’s in women’s nature to want to look her best, but hey there are things that aren’t worth the trouble and there are other ideal ways to look best.

Have you ever come across a lady who said she smokes, so as to stay thin? If No, I have. Some ladies smoke to stay thin. There are several reasons why people pick up this nasty habit , but an increasing number of young ladies are lightening up to stay thin, being swayed by celebrities and models  and smoke.  I read an article where super model Naomi Campbell, told a reporter that she doesn’t diet rather she smokes to keep fit , while some evidence seems to suggest that smoking  cigarettes causes an increase in metabolic rate and may also suppress appetite,,, the ill effects are far greater. My ladies please don’t forget the catastrophic health effects of smoking, which includes but are not limited to lung cancer, heart disease, COPD /emphysema etc.

Stella Obasanjo, former Nigeria first lady died which caused a major uproar when the news came that she died supposedly from complications arising from plastic surgery. (Yeah it’s not news)

A lady was preparing for her wedding and decided to do a beauty make over all in the name of looking breath taking for the groom. She bought an eye contact lens and wore it at the beauty shop as she was doing the makeover. So when she got home she forgot to remove the eye contact lens and went to sleep with it. Lo and behold, when she woke up the next morning which was supposed to be her wedding day, she now turned to be a blind lady (As I heard the eye contact lens was fake, beside she was not meant to wear it to sleep). Yeah it’s true, though I was not there, but it’s a real life story. As I also heard, that was the end of the wedding. Are you surprise? Don’t be! Yes the guy didn’t continue with the wedding because he cannot MARRY A BLIND LADY.

I wish a threat of jail time will be instituted to stop women world over from doing these daft things they indulge in the pursuit of beauty.

Hey, listen, more than two third of men are completely obvious to the lengths we go to look good or what we consider to be looking good. You don’t really need to endanger your life just to be beautiful. If he does not appreciate you the way you are, leave him, someone else will. Just before you go off and start telling me that crap saying ‘I’m doing it for myself’, Shut it up. Its rubbish and its dangerous. You need not one to start counting all over again the side effects of this stupid foolish idiotic act of yours.

You see, you all ladies in this act are mad upstairs and will die of being stupid if care is not taken.

Stop it, Stop it, and Stop it right now. You are wonderfully and beautifully made and the sooner you begin realizing that and get it into that your thin skull the better for you.

Sweethearts look into the mirror and declare ‘I’m beautifully and wonderfully made' and believe the total transformation around you…..i love you all so much and wouldn't want you to kill yourself as you go in search for beauty…

At this point we will draw the curtains for today, don’t forget to drop your comments on our blog , Like our Facebook fan page Presh Avtadak Inspires or mail us via .You can also follow us on twitter @presh_avtadak  and till next week when I come your way, keep staying positive …Much love preshavtadak.


  1. Very interesting eye opener to for some who do not know the length ladies go to look "beautiful". Your tone became a little harsh towards the end of the article, but all in all, excellent points raised. Let's hope the women (and men alike) take a cue from you. Continue the good work.


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